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Why 1,000+ customers use our skills assessment tools

  • World’s largest inventory of ready to use skills assessments. Valid & Reliable skills assessment tools, designed by global subject matter experts (SMEs).

  • Customize the talent assessment tool yourself or ask us for help. Add or delete any skill sets & questions specific to your job description.

  • Get custom-built assessments, specially created to suit your recruitment needs.Our team of experts is ready to create tests for every job-role & experience.

  • Conduct candidate assessment anytime, anywhere with confidence. Our advanced online proctoring eliminates the need of human invigilation.

  • The candidate ranking tool, score & percentile analysis reports helps you to find your best fit candidates who can actually hit the ground running.

  • Using our skills assessment tool within your home grown system is super easy. Make informed hiring decisions with our 1-Click integration or use custom APIs.

  • Our enterprise ready set of skills assessment tools meet the needs and interests of enterprise customers. Assess necessary skills for a certain job role using skills assessment tool and get the perfect fit for your organization.

  • Enhance candidate experience through seamless platform, easy navigation, clear instructions and neatly divided sections. Use our candidate feedback module to ensure that the candidates are getting excellent experience.

  • Assess candidate’s skills using various types of questions. The interview assessment tool contains MCQ’s (Multiple Choice Questions), Fill in the blank, Descriptive, Whiteboard questions, Audio/Video questions, True or False.

Interview Mocha’s skills assessment tools enables you to assess candidate skills objectively and precisely.

Experience a smarter, better & faster way of candidate assessment

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What are recruitment assessment tests?

A right recruitment assessment tool makes the mundane tasks of recruitment easier by assessing job specific skills of candidates before interview. It helps you to gauge job applicant’s knowledge, technical skills, cognitive ability, behavioral traits and language proficiency required for a particular job role. It facilitates the hiring process to make an informed hiring decision. Let’s discuss the top 6 types of recruitment assessment tools and their importance.

  • Job Simulation Tests

    Job simulation test assesses candidate’s job skills according to job profile where candidates perform tasks that they would normally perform on-job. Innovative recruitment assessment tools provide these online virtual workplace for effective candidate assessment.

  • Psychometric Tests

    Psychometric test is a scientific method to measure candidate’s capabilities and behavioral style. These cannot be used as a stand-alone candidate assessment tool but should be used in conjunction with job-based recruiting test.

  • Technical Skills Tests

    Technical skills test is designed to check the candidate’s skills for technically oriented job- roles. Choose a right interview assessment tool that can help you with quality questions & simulators to identify technical competencies of candidates.

  • Cognitive Ability Tests

    Cognitive ability test is a measure of candidate’s thinking ability through series of questions on verbal, non-verbal, quantitative, abstract reasoning, etc. It’s a crucial weapon of talent assessment tool to assess general intelligence of any candidate.

  • Situational Judgement Tests

    Situational judgmental test evaluates candidate’s judgment skills required to solve work- place problems. Many skills assessment tools provide these tests that can be used to judge lateral hires better.

  • Communication Skills Tests

    The communication skills test assesses the soft skills, interpersonal skills, verbal reasoning of candidates. Every organization uses communication tests as a skills assessment tool to assess communication skills before conducting interview.

How our candidate assessment tool helps you digital transformation 2.0?

Adapting to the digital transformation is inevitable. Companies of all sizes and are experimenting with digital business transformation. To drive this change, your skilled employee is the key. Recruiting the right talent for digital 2.0 skills is a biggest challenge for hiring managers. The toughest question is whom to hire? – An AI engineer, data scientist or a statistician?

To ease this hiring pain of yours, Interview Mocha, with 100+ next gen skills assessment & digital transformation ready candidate assessment tools is all set to help you in building your talented workforce - better & faster!

digital 2.0 skills-Interview Mocha

Why use Interview Mocha as your recruitment assessment tool

Assessment means Interview Mocha! Interview Mocha is one of most preferred assessment tools for recruitment in 80+ countries. The talent assessment tool provides largest inventory of ready to use skill assessments, designed and validated by global subject matter experts. The skill assessments are updated regularly and new tests are made live every day. To make the hiring process absolute and effortless the emphasis is on providing below perks to our customers such as:

  • Latest & quality hiring assessments
  • 100+ digital transformation skills assessments
  • Detailed analysis of candidate’s job skills and knowledge
  • Fastest custom tests
  • Strong support
  • EEOC compliant recruitment assessments
  • Remote testing
  • Employer branding
  • 200+ language support
  • Advanced cheating prevention
  • Easy integration with home grown system
  • User-based access control

As a team, Interview Mocha understands the objectives of its customers to endeavor them to get their next best hires in a timely and cost-effective way.

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