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Boost Productivity of your Recruitment Team with our Automation Features

Auto Follow up Of Candidate

Auto follow up of candidates

Are you fed up following up with candidates for taking their tests? Use our reminder feature to save time and efforts. Set the number of reminders and the reminder frequency and Interview Mocha will auto follow up candidates. Screen more, recruit better.

Integration with website career page

Attend Website Job seekers

Do you attend to hundreds of job seekers applying through your website? No!! It creates a bad image of your company and you may have the right candidate right within this list. Use Interview Mocha career page integration and auto follow up feature. Now website job seekers are attended to and you have a ready talent pool, always!

Collect Candidate Data

Collect candidate data for Employment Decisions

The candidate is relevant, what next? Expected salary, notice period, preferred location, etc. Collect this data right before the candidate takes the test. Use these details to take quick hiring decisions. Interview Mocha provides you a complete online assessment platform that helps you make right hiring decisions Fast and Easy.



Extend your capabilities with integrations. Some companies have some specific custom requirements. If you need custom development on top of Interview Mocha, our RESTful API could be the perfect way for you to set up specific business workflows and extensive integrations. If you get stuck somewhere, all you have to do is shoot us an email. Our API developers will be more than happy to jump in and help you figure out a solution.

quote Interview Mocha pre-employment tests helped us save recruiters time, billable hours and travel cost – over $700 per hire. Moreover 100% increase in recruiter productivity. Great tool !”

Devendra Deshmukh
CEO, e-Zest

Turn your pre-employment testing into a fun game and boost recruitment team productivity overnight

  • Free trial for 14 days.
  • No credit card required.