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What is pre-hire testing & assessments?

Pre-hire testing is a part of any recruitment workflow and is used for validating the job-specific skills of applicants at an initial stage. With pre-hire testing, employers are empowered to take data-driven hiring decisions to recruit top talent. It includes pre-hire assessments to assess aptitude, technical skills, personality & behavioral traits, etc. It strengthens your hiring process & ensures that the candidate you are hiring will help your organization to achieve its business objectives.

Why use Interview Mocha's Pre-hire assessments

Quality begets Quality! Experience it while hiring the right employee with the help of Interview Mocha's pre-hire testing platform, and scientifically designed 1000+ job based pre-hire tests. Interview Mocha's team strives for making its customers successful i.e. assisting them to grab their next best hires in a timely & cost-effective manner. To make your recruitment process seamless & faster, we also provide strong support, advanced cheating prevention mechanism, employer branding, intelligent reports and super easy to use assessment platform. With Interview Mocha's pre-hiring tests you can easily screen candidates anytime, anywhere without the need of human invigilation. And yes! We have proven records of helping companies in increasing their productivity, reducing employee turnover, and improving quality of hire.

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