“We found Interview Mocha very useful as it has great amount of pre-made tests and offered the possibility of inserting new custom questions”

Daniel Liebert,

The Company

Stoodi is a Brazilian education startup born in 2013 that gives access to quality education, facilitating student life, and revolutionizing the way of learning. The company provides video classes, exercises, and theoretical resolution video summaries of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Grammar, Literature, Writing, Biology, History, and Geography. Besides the content, Stoodi also provides essays correction service, based on ENEM (standardized Brazilian national exam) criteria and main vestibular country.


As a startup company, Stoodi was looking at the ways to rank quality candidates among a huge number of resumes. Resumes tell only part of the candidate’s story, and there is no easy way to assess applicants’ knowledge without interviewing each and every one of them. So the resumes were filtered by obvious parameters like qualifications, top-tier schools, years of experience, etc. This approach, however, led to spending tons of time on filtering candidates and missing well-qualified applicants just because of lesser-known backgrounds. Stoodi wanted to address their primary recruitment concerns as below:

  • Channelizing their time towards relevant candidates only
  • Quick reports detailing the performance of the candidates on various parameters
  • Empowering their recruitment team to be more productive

“We had a number of applicants for a job position that was so big (944 applicants) that we needed to rank them before looking into their Resumes,” says Daniel.


  • Stoodi is now able to assess 1000 applicants with Interview Mocha’s online assessment software and effectively screen candidates. 84% improvement in time-to-fill and 90% reduction in time for recruiting.

  • Stoodi is now able to streamline resume screening, which takes up a significant portion of the total recruiting time. The hiring speed has decreased dramatically by creating a talent pipeline, where applicants are tested, evaluated, and hired.

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