“Quicker, effective and super friendly; dealing with candidates for pre-employment is a pure joy with Interview Mocha! I can’t think of running my business without Interview Mocha. Friendly support, great testing solution, and awesome features.”

Subhash Trivedi,

The Company

In Dec 11, an intelligent guy who had just passed out of college struggled a lot to get interview calls. Though he possessed a sharp mind he never got interview calls as at entry level all resumes look similar to recruiters. Subhash (that intelligent guy) decided to solve this problem and created Jobpedia to connect top talent to recruiters easily.
Happy candidates, happy recruiters!


With a great idea, comes great challenges. Challenges like meeting colleges to get the crowd to the portal, getting companies to recruit, creating profiles, access of candidates to companies, testing 100’s of candidates and hundreds of skills, a small technical team, creating and maintaining new questions - so much to do. Candidates are spread across hundreds of cities. With each new candidate and company, it was becoming extremely difficult to evaluate candidates objectively.


  • Interview Mocha helped Jopedia evaluate candidates objectively. With online skill testing, it became easier to send test invitations and provide the recruiters with a pool of talented candidates. With due automation in place, the pre-employment skill testing is a breeze.

  • Prior to using Interview Mocha for skill assessment, Jobpedia required a huge set up with conducting job fairs, renting facilities for conducting tests, human invigilation, checking papers and so on. Now they have the entire process online which saves time and money as well.

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