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“Our recruitment team loves Interview Mocha especially for their skills assessments, simulators and friendly support.”
Christoph, e-Zest GmbH


e-Zest GmbH is a global digital innovation partner company. It is a customer focused and technology-driven company providing innovative product engineering and enterprise software/ application development services that help clients in crafting holistic business value for their software development efforts.


As one of the global digital IT Company, the e-Zest team was continuously growing. But, hiring top tech talent for e-Zest in Germany with unique and rare skill sets was not easier as said. And that too with limited number of members in recruiting team. So e-Zest recruiting team identified some difficulties in their overall recruitment process they wanted to improve

  • Identifying and evaluating the suitable candidates for the job role.
  • Reducing the time of interviewers spent interviewing candidates.
  • Reducing time to hire

“In Germany we only had limited team for recruiting processes we really felt strong need of a helping hand that could assist us in evaluating and quantifying skills of the candidates,” said Christoph, e-Zest GmbH. Recognizing that old recruiting strategy might not yield the best talent, e-Zest decided to implement Interview Mocha in their assessment platform for screening.


To meet the goals, e-Zest relied Interview Mocha online skill testing. Interview Mocha helped e-Zest by designing custom assessments which candidates were asked to take during the initial screening. The recruiters get automated report of ranked candidates and are now able to get a better idea of the skills and qualifications of applicants earlier in the process, increasing the chances of finding top talent.

In addition to increasing their chances of finding top talent, e-Zest recruiting team was able to save time spent on interviewing under qualified candidates, ultimately reducing the time to hire.

“With Interview Mocha, our hiring managers only interview relevant and suitable candidates”


e-Zest saw positive impacts in their hiring process with Interview Mocha. The data revealed that

  • Quality Hires
    e-Zest was able to hire top talent by successfully integrating online skill testing in their initial process of hiring and cutting off 60% of unqualified candidates initially.
  • Spent time interviewing top candidates
    The recruiting team at e-Zest now interviews only top candidates who scored high in the test and ultimately spending time only with those who are relevant for the job role.
  • Hiring Speed Increased
    Time to fill was significantly reduced by 50%, which mean they were able to speed up the hiring process.
    e-Zest GmbH has seen the Interview Mocha online assessment software’s impact on their hiring process through hours saved, lower costs and quality of hires. Based on the successes till date, e-Zest has decided to expand usage of Interview Mocha.

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  • Free trial for 14 days.
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