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Use Our SQL skills test to assess SQL, MS SQL, MySQL skills of job roles such as:

  • SQL Database Administrator (0-5 yrs of experience)
  • Database Developer
  • Database Expert
  • Junior/Senior Database Administrator
  • MySQL Database Administrator
  • Junior/ Senior MySQL Database Administrator (MySQL DBA)
  • PL/SQL developer
  • Database Application Developer
  • MS SQL Server DBA
  • MySQL Database Developer
  • NoSQL Database Administrator
  • PLSQL developer
  • Oracle Developer
  • System Software Engineer – PostgreSQL
  • T-SQL Developer

Our online SQL knowledge test questions measure the below skills of candidate:

  • SQL Basics: Basic concept in SQL, Syntax & Commands, SQL Data Types & Literals, Tables, Views, Indexes, Nulls, SQL Functions, DDL, DML, DTL(TCL)
  • Oracle Basics: Commands in Oracle, Oracle Functions, Tables, Queries, etc.
  • PL/SQL Basics: Commands used in PLSQL, Data types, Cursor attributes etc.
  • DBMS Concepts: Data Entities, Database Management, different syntaxes used, Commands used in database management etc.
  • MS SQL Server: Types of indexes, SQL tables and triggers, SQL keys, sorting & filtering data, Built-In Functions, etc.
  • SQL Queries: Basic understanding of SQL, SQL Tables, Commands used in SQL queries etc.
  • SQL Skills: Database Design Using Normalization MySQL Basic, SQL for Database Construction, DBMS Concepts etc.
  • MySQL 5.0: INFORATION_SCHEMA, MySQL Tables and Indexes, MySQL Storage Engines, MySQL Security, Data Types, API & Connectors, Metadata, etc.
  • Data Warehouse: Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Modeling etc.
  • Oracle PL/SQL: Basic concepts of Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Triggers, SQL Indexes etc.
  • Shell Programming: Basics of Shell Programming, Debugging, File Concatenation, Commands used in Shell, Variables, etc.

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