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  • Sales Executive with 0 to 2 years of experience
  • Sales Manager

Our questions measure the below mentioned relevant skills

  • Knowledge of sales processes
  • Steps in the sales process such as opening, negotiating, closing, presentations etc.
  • Creating a sales plan
  • organizinga sales force
  • recruiting and selecting salespersons
  • designing the compensation plan
  • designing and allocating sales territories
  • motivating and supporting the sales team
  • sales reporting
  • training of new recruits
  • Evaluating the performance of a salesperson.

“ We need sales people with strengths in the B2B space. In an interview, we have found it difficult to judge if the candidate will succeed in sales. The Interview Mocha tests cover all the steps in the sales process which a sales executive must be aware of.The sales manager tests also cover all skills which a sales manager must possess.The questions are a mix of theory and practical knowledge.We now know that the majority of the candidates selected will be successful.”

Gaurav Patel
CEO - Pipebagger

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