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Use our Project Management test to assess candidates for various job roles such as

  • Project Manager with 7+ years of experience
  • Technical Project Manager with 5+ years of experience

Our questions measure the below mentioned relevant skills

  • Project Management to evaluate the project management skills like Stakeholder Management, Risk Management, Communication Management, and People Management.
  • Written Communication Sentence Correction, Selecting Words, Spotting Errors, and Reading Comprehension.
  • Analytical Thinking questions on analytical thinking to assess the candidate's ability to successfully analyze and solve a wide variety of business problems. This section includes questions of Statement and Argument, Logical Problem, Logical Deductions, Number Series.

We choose our project managers very carefully as they are the leaders who decide the success of any project. Interview Mocha’s well designed test has made this complex task very simple for us. The tests assess all the multiple skills required for the difficult role of a Project Manager.

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