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Use our Entry Level tests to assess applicants for various job roles such as

  • Entry Level Software Engineers
  • Entry Level C Learners
  • C language expert
  • Entry Level / Fresher Computer Graduates
  • Candidate with 0 to 1 year experience
  • Entry Level Database Management operator
  • Entry Level Graduates
  • Candidates with 0 to 6 months experience
  • Management Trainee

Our Entry Level Test questions measure below mentioned relevant skills

  • Analytical Thinking questions on Logical Deductions, Logical Problems, and Statement& Argument etc. This indicates an ability to solve problems.
  • C language Knowledge of Control Flow Statements, C Programming etc.
  • Quantitative Aptitude candidate’s ability to analyze and solve a wide variety of quant questions. Section includes questions of Ratio Proportion, Trains, Percentage, Time & Work, Pipes & Cistern, Mixture & Allegation and much more
  • Database Management System[DBMS] to evaluate basic understanding of database management
  • Written Communications Section consists of questions on Spotting errors and Sentence Correction. This helps the recruiter to understand the basic comprehension knowledge of English.

“We conduct campus drives annually and hire freshers regularly. We are keen to understand the potential of the candidate for the specified job role since they lack work experience. Interview mocha’s excellent tests and online proctoring to prevent cheating have made the difficult tasks of selecting entry level candidates very simple for us.”

Shreerang Tarte
AVP HR - Webonise Lab
Interview Mocha - Client-Testimonial

Take your first step to hire job fit candidate