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Use our C Programming skill tests to assess candidates for various job roles such as

  • Junior Level C Programmer
  • Senior Level C Programmer
  • Entry Level Software Engineers
  • Entry Level C Learners
  • C language expert

Interview Mocha’s C Programming test questions are designed to measure a candidate’s skill at all levels such as

  • Code writing which uses the concepts of Basic C and Error handling to solve the real world problems.
  • Code writing skills are tested on 3 levels- basic, medium and high.
  • C Language questions to assess candidate’s knowledge of Control Flow Statements, CProgramming etc.
  • Analytical thinking
  • Quantitative aptitude

“Our entry level recruits are freshers who must be tested on C language. We have found Interview Mocha the ideal platform to assess freshers. They have the right mix of technical theory, coding and aptitude tests.”

Kashmira Sarangdhar
HR - QuicSolv

Take your first step to hire job fit candidate