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Use Our Big Data Online test to assess Big Data - Oozie, Sqoop, Hive, Pig, Flume, MapReduce and Hortonworks skills of job roles such as:

  • Hadoop Developer – Oozie
  • Big Data Development – Oozie
  • Big Data Developer – Pig
  • Hadoop Developer – Sqoop
  • Big Data Development – Sqoop
  • Big Data Developer / Hadoop Developer
  • Hadoop DBA (Flume)
  • Software Development Engineer – Flume
  • Big Data Software Engineer
  • Big Data Developer – Hive
  • Programmer / Developer – Hortonworks
  • Hadoop Developer – MapReduce
  • Big Data / Hadoop Developer – MapReduce

Our Big Data tests questions measure below mentioned skills

  • Oozie – Oozie concepts, control flow and action nodes, Oozie command line.
  • Pig – Pig Commands, Optimizations in Pig, Pig Scripts.
  • Sqoop – Sqoop-Based Connector, Sqoop Import and Export Commands, MySQL Database, Disk I/O and Network I/O.
  • Flume – Concepts on Flume Agent, HDFS Locations, Streaming Data, Sink and Source.
  • Hadoop – Concepts on Data Replication, Resource Manager, Mapper / Reducer Task, Parquet File, Sequence File and Task Tracker.
  • Hive – Hive Functions, Hive Operators, Hive Queries, Hive Features.
  • Hortonworks – HDFS HDP, Hive HDP, Oozie HDP, Sqoop HDP and MapReduce HDP.
  • MapReduce – File System Counter, MapReduce Job Methods and MapReduce Version 2 Process.

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