Introducing Interview Mocha & Zapier Integration

In case you use any other tools for your recruitment, no worries, Interview Mocha is well integrated with Zapier too!
Interview Mocha’s easy integration with Zapier allows you to connect your app or tools with Interview Mocha easily
and help you make informed hiring decisions.

Conduct Assessments

No need to leave your ATS workflow to conduct candidate skill assessments.

Access 1000+ Skill Tests

Access 1000+ ready skill tests & aptitude tests created by experts.

Custom-made Tests

Get custom tests those are specific to your job requirement.

Invite Candidates

Invite candidates for assessments within Zapier workflow.

Access Reports

Access Intelligent reports within 2 minutes of test completion.

Remove Guesswork

Simulation-based tests, MCQs with "Logic Box", Audio/Video questions & more...

Cheating Prevention

Ensure fairness through robust real-time remote web-proctoring.

Company Branding

Reflect your brand while candidates take your hiring tests.

Powerful Analytics

Make smarter and accurate hiring decisions with powerful intuitive reports.

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"We recommend Interview Mocha because it’s a great software and also because their support team is determined to make it work for our pre hire employment testing needs"

Kshitij Deshmukh,

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