Identify job-fit candidates faster with Interview Mocha and iCIMS integration

To strengthen your recruitment process, Interview Mocha integrates seamlessly with iCIMS. As your favourite recruitment solutions, Interview Mocha & iCIMS allow you to conduct pre-employment skill assessments easily within your favourite ATS (Applicant Tracking System) workflow. Reduce churn & Improve your quality of hire by harnessing the power of simulation-based skill assessments.

Assess Within iCIMS

No need to leave your ATS workflow to conduct candidate skill assessments.

Vast Test Library

Access 1000+ ready skill tests & aptitude tests created by experts.

On-demand Assessments

Get custom-made tests tailored to your job description.

Invite Candidates

Invite candidates for assessments within iCIMS workflow.

Secured Reports

Access Intelligent reports within 2 minutes of test completion.

Remove Guesswork

Simulation-based tests, MCQs with "Logic Box", Audio/Video questions & more...

Cheating Detection

Ensure fairness through robust real-time remote web-proctoring.

Company Branding

Reflect your brand while candidates take your hiring tests.

Intelligent Analytics

Make smarter and accurate hiring decisions with powerful intuitive reports.

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