Find job-fit candidates fast and easy with Interview Mocha and Greenhouse integration

With the help of your Greenhouse ATS, your talent team has been able to build out and scale efficient recruiting processes. To help you get even more value out of your investment, Interview Mocha assessments seamlessly integrates with Greenhouse. Interview Mocha helps you conduct candidate skill assessments and access intelligent reports within the Greenhouse workflow. A combination that improves your entire recruiting process, and brings on the best quality hires fast & easy!

Assess within Greenhouse

No need to leave your Greenhouse workflow to conduct candidate skill assessments.

Access 1000+ Skill Tests

Access 1000+ ready skill tests & aptitude tests created by experts.

On-demand Assessments

Get custom-made tests tailored to your job description.

Invite Candidates

Invite candidates for assessments within Greenhouse workflow.

Access Reports

Access Intelligent reports within 2 minutes of test completion.

Remove Guesswork

Simulation-based tests, MCQs with "Logic Box", Audio/Video questions & more...

Cheating Prevention

Ensure fairness through robust real-time remote web-proctoring.

Employer Branding

Reflect your brand while candidates take your hiring tests.

Intelligent Analytics

Make smarter and accurate hiring decisions with powerful intuitive reports.

Introducing Interview Mocha's 1-Click integration

Now, forget the painfully lengthy integrations that used to take months & a lot of technical interventions to actually happen. Interview Mocha seamlessly integrates with Greenhouse in a single click of button and you can actually start testing candidates in less than 5 minutes!

100% DIY

Do it all yourself with the click of button.

Zero Coding

No coding, no dependency on technical team.

Super Quick

Takes less than 5 minutes.


Integrates data automatically.

Enterprise Class

Robust and secure integration with Single Sign-On.


A UX that works like charm.

How 1-click Greenhouse integration works

A very simple process, just enter the API key and you will be integrated. No codes or IT required!

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"Interview Mocha 1-Click integration with Greenhouse ATS is 100% DIY, doesn’t require any IT skills and completes in less than 5 minutes. Now integration works like a charm for us."

VP, Recruitment
Leading Bank in Philippines

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