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Mocha is an innovative, perfect yet simple Greenhouse assessment partner. Now with 1-click Greenhouse integration process


Turnaround Time


Improved Recruiting


Relevant Candidates


Face to Face
Interviews Increased

Gauge candidate’s skills with Mocha to find job-fit; faster.

With Mocha & Greenhouse integration- easily invite, assess, share and view powerful reports within
Greenhouse workflow or upload candidates data in Mocha platform to do the same.

  • Greenhouse Integration
  • Case Studies
  • Take Home Test

What Makes Mocha & Greenhouse Integration Different?

Integration process of companies are usually technically driven and that’s why it’s a bit hard for recruiters or hiring managers to comprehend with it. We have changed the mediocre integration to a honed 1-click integration to delight our clients and give an extraordinary experience.

  • 100% DIY

    Do it all yourself with the click of button.

  • Zero Coding

    No dependency on technical team.

  • Super Quick

    Takes less than 5 minutes.

  • Seamless

    Integrates data automatically.

  • Enterprise Class

    Secure integration with Single Sign-On.

  • Delightful

    A UX that works like charm.

How 1-click Greenhouse integration works

Interview Mocha seamlessly integrates with Greenhouse in a single click of button and you can
actually start testing candidates in less than 5 minutes!

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