Our 1-click Bullhorn Integration to speed up
your hiring process




Integration Time


Turnaround Time


Improved Recruiting


Relevant Candidates Shortlisted


Face to Face Interviews Increased

Make skills assessments your recruiting advantage.
Empower your clients to recruit the best; faster.

To all the staffing companies who are using Bullhorn, you can now have a fair advantage over the other staffing companies by integrating Interview Mocha with Bullhorn. That too in a click. The whole integration process will complete within 3-4 mins. Procure quality candidates for your clients and delight them by sending the best candidates to the right job. Showcase your recruitment depth to your clients with our intuitve and analytical reports.

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Introducing Interview Mocha's 1-Click Bullhorn integration

No lengthy integrations or technical interventions at all. Interview Mocha seamlessly integrates with Bullhorn in a single click and you can actually start testing candidates in less than 4 minutes.

100% DIY

Do it all yourself with the click of button.

Zero Coding

No coding, no dependency on technical team.

Super Quick

Takes less than 5 minutes.


Integrates data automatically.

Enterprise Class

Robust and secure integration with Single Sign-On.


A UX that works like a charm.

How 1-click Bullhorn integration works

A very simple process, just enter the API key and you will be integrated. No codes or IT person required!

Interview Mocha + Bullhorn Integration
Best-of-breed recruitment solutions working together

Use Interview Mocha to conduct candidate skill assessments and access intelligent reports within the Bullhorn workflow. A combination that improves your entire recruiting process, and brings on the best quality hires, fast & easy.

Assess within Bullhorn

No need to leave your Bullhorn workflow to conduct candidate skill assessments.

Access 1000+ Skill Tests

Includes skill based assessments like IT, business knowledge, aptitude, C-act etc.

On-demand Assessments

Just send us your job description and we will create the right assessment for you.

Invite Candidates

Easily invite candidates for assessments.

Remove Guesswork

Simulation-based tests, MCQs with "Logic Box", Audio/Video questions & more...

Access Reports

Access Intelligent reports within 2 minutes of test completion.

Cheating Prevention

Ensure fairness through robust real-time remote web-proctoring.

Employer Branding

Reflect your brand while candidates take your hiring tests.

Intelligent Analytics

Make smarter and accurate hiring decisions with powerful intuitive reports.

Want to compare us with IKM TeckChek and SkillCheck?

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Bullhorn Marketplace

You won’t find Interview Mocha in Bullhorn Marketplace as of now because of Bullhorn’s policy of only including a partner when they have more than 15 clients. But we are fully fused as 1st of a kind Mocha’s initiative of 1-click Bullhorn integrations. We have recently partnered with Bullhorn because of the growing demand of a few clients. So don’t worry we will soon find us there.
As of now in Bullhorn Marketplace, Bullhorn Assessment Partner only includes IKM Teckchek and Skill Check. As they have been Bullhorn’s integration partner for a very long time you will find them under Bullhorn Assessment Partner. But if you compare the Bullhorn integration partners you will find the use cases and benefits lies more with Interview Mocha. You can compare the 3 tools on benefits, features, use cases, and reviews by speaking to our product evangelist or checking the comparison sheet yourself. You can find the detailed Bullhorn API integration process here.