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Reduce efforts and hassles of Human Invigilation in remote testing, conducting bulk tests using our Online Proctoring Features

Web Cam Proctoring

Web cam proctoring – we watch candidates

Online proctoring of the test taker is conducted remotely by the system in real time. Live images of the candidate are taken at regular intervals through system's webcam. The System suggests if the candidate has used unfair means to take the test.

Window Violation

Malpractices during the test

Know how many times a candidate is out of the test window and for how much time, the windows violation record helps you understand if he has used cheating/tracing during the test.

Copy/Paste NOT Allowed

Copy paste is not allowed

We restrict copy-paste of any content to discourage candidate using malpractices during the test.

Private Test Links

Private Test Links

Secure your test content using private test links. This prevents accidental discovery or distribution.

Questions Appearing Randomly


Every question appears randomly from the question bank which has hundreds of questions. Moreover the answers are also randomized to minimize chances of cheating during bulk tests.

Interview Mocha's provides you a remote proctored & secure online skill testing software so that you can conduct tests anytime, anywhere with integrity.

Interview Mocha online proctoring has eliminated the need of human invigilation. We now reach more campuses in lesser time.

Kashmira Sarangdhar
Lead HR, QuicSolv

Let us help you do more productive work, Cheating is prohibited!!

  • Free trial for 14 days.
  • No credit card required.