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We understand Pre-Employment Testing may vary for every requirement and hence Customer Support is an integral part of Interview Mocha DNA

Interview Mocha Support

IM support DNA

You will be glad to know our support DNA

  • Immediate email reply policy
  • Access to mobile number of support person
  • Friendly support team
  • Our CEO – Amit is a part of the Customer Success team and is regularly involved in support activities
  • Custom creation of tests
  • Skype / WebEx / Instant Messengers

If you have any queries or concerns, let’s schedule a call over Skype (interviewmocha_support) or WebEx to talk. Also, we are always available on [email protected]

Reset Test

Reset tests in case candidate face any difficulty while taking the test

Candidate faced some technical problem during the test e.g. poor internet connection, power failure, machine restart and test ended abruptly. No worries use the reset test feature to allow the candidate to take that test again.

Interview Mocha Support

We are here to Help 24 x 7

Any question, issue, requirement or feedback about our pre-employment assessment tests communicate with us, we are just a click, call or text away!

quote I just bought the Basic package to start (we would need more soon) with because I am really happy with your product and your support " :)

Albrecht Senden
CTO, Booxware

Have suggestions, queries, and concerns – we are listening.

  • Free trial for 14 days.
  • No credit card required.