Enabling digital transformation (DT) with new hires

Enabling digital transformation

To hire new employees that are capable of working on these new technologies, you have 2 options depending on the level of expertise you require them to have.

University Recruitment

For entry level positions, you can hire budding talent from universities during their career fairs. While there are many challenges of university hiring, Interview Mocha helps you address them effectively with a host of features that are designed to ease recruiting digital talent in the workplace.

How Interview Mocha helps with University Recruitment:

  • Quickly identifying top performers for interviews
  • Eliminating hiring bottlenecks with automated evaluations
  • Assessing job-readiness of recent graduates
  • Increasing diversity in hiring digital talent
  • Hiring directly from company career page with our University Recruitment Portal

Lateral Recruitment

If you want to hire employees who are experienced in new technologies, you can go for lateral recruitment. Typically, lateral recruitment takes a lot of the recruiter’s and hiring manager’s time and efforts. Considering the hiring manager’s billable hours, it also leads to huge costs if the process takes a long time. Interview Mocha’s skills assessments help you to remove the technical dependency of hiring managers and shortlist only those candidates who get through the standard criteria.

How Interview Mocha helps with Lateral Recruitment for digital transformation skills:

  • Filter out irrelevant candidates in the initial phases
  • Assess coders/developers effectively with innovative features like AI-backed LogicBox, Coding Simulators
  • Make data driven hiring decisions and predict candidate success
  • 50+ Next-Gen skills for digital talent recruitment

Hire, train, and retain skilled digital talent

With Interview Mocha's 50+ next-gen skills tests & on-demand assessments