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  • University recruiting
  • Lateral hiring
Digital Transformation
  • Upskilling
  • Reskilling
  • Competency mapping
  • 1500+ Skills assessments
  • Online proctoring
  • Detailed reports

1500+ ready skills assessments to assess, hire, and retain the top talent
IT skills Coding skills Next-Gen skills Cognitive skills Domain skills
Basic programming Java Data Science Visual reasoning BFSI
QA & automation SQL Machine learning Analytical thinking Engineering
Web development C/C++ Artificial intelligence English proficiency Mechanical
Mobile app development C# NumPy Critical thinking IT
Full stack development Python SkLearn Abstract reasoning Business analysis
System Administration PHP Deep learning Decision making Sales & Marketing
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Reduced time to hire 50%
Reduced administrative hassles up to 90%
Improved candidate experience by 50%
Improved quality of hire
Increase in on the job performance
Improved interview to selection ratio
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