How UNEECOPS used Aptitude test as a level 1 assessment to filter out candidates with Interview Mocha


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  • Better and effective assessment method
  • Reduction in hiring time and efforts
  • Data-driven and informed hiring
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  • Customized assessments
  • Insightful reports
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About Uneecops

UNEECOPS is a leading IT solutions and product company helping companies streamline their business operations and scale greater heights through innovative and quality IT services and products. UNEECOPS has developed their innovative UNEECOPS PLUS+ which help businesses leverage the power of SAP Business One in a more efficient way.

"As a Talent Acquisition Manager, I observed that my team spent an enormous amount of time in interviewing candidates. We used to get so many applications & it was a tough task to filter out the candidates via interviews. So our team created the assessment to assess the aptitude of the candidate which we called Uneecops Common Aptitude Test (UCAT) with the help of Interview Mocha. Now, we share the test with the candidates & based on the assessment report we were able to filter 170 good candidates from the pool of 300. Thus we saved time as well as admin costs in interviewing candidates. We plan to replicate this success by including technical tests so that our hiring managers will spend time in interviewing only promising candidates & we as a Talent Acquisition team can ensure that the time spent by our hiring managers is justified."

Nisha Chandila,
Talent Acquisition Manager,

The Challenge

  • Better and effective assessment method:

    UNEECOPS wanted to move away from paper and pen assessments as it was a tedious task and inefficient as well. To interview so many candidates individually was a huge task. They were looking for a platform that had a scientific mechanism to weed out candidates rather than the gut feeling of the recruiters.

  • Reduction in hiring time and efforts:

    Pen and Paper assessments made the hiring process a herculean task which led to good candidates becoming disinterested with the overall process. More often than not, their team used to spend weeks in recruiting candidates, which was the biggest bottlenecks in their hiring process.

  • Data-driven and informed hiring:

    UNEECOPS needed analytical assessment reports that provided a deep insight into the candidate’s performance and knowledge. Every recruitment decision needed to be backed up by solid data.

The Solution

  • Quick and fast hiring process:

    Interview Mocha’s assessment platform reformed the way hiring used to happen at UNEECOPS. With online assessments and super quick reports, UNEECOPS were able to accelerate their hiring process.

  • Completely automated hiring process:

    Interview Mocha provided UNEECOPS with a veritable assessment platform with a comprehensive test library, online test platform, and intelligent reports. This made it easier for them to map different job openings with their candidates and recruit faster.

“Thanks to Interview Mocha, our hiring is now fast and efficient. A bonus is the awesome customer service we got from the Customer Success Manager which really helped us achieve our hiring goals.”
-Nisha Chandila, Talent Acquisition Manager, UNEECOPS


  • Faster candidate assessment:

    With the help of Interview Mocha’s customer success manager, UNEECOPS, created the UCAT (UNEECOPS's Cognitive Ability Test), which was used for initial screening. Using this they screened 72 candidates in no time! Over a period of time, UNEECOPS has assessed 400 candidates and filtered it down to 170 within a short period of time.

  • Centralized online testing:

    From being an organization that relied on traditional pen and paper tests for recruitment, UNEECOPS moved to an automated and centralized online assessment method that befitted its image as a leading IT company.

Steps into the future

UNEECOPS has been using Interview Mocha for initial screening and looking at the success, plans to use further for technical skill assessments.

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