“We recommend Interview Mocha because it’s a great software and also because their support team is determined to make it work for our pre hire employment testing needs”

Kshitij Deshmukh,

The Company

Headquartered in Pune, India, Nihilent is a global consulting and solutions integration company using a holistic and systems approach to problem solving. Nihilent’s executive team has over 350 person-years of experience in International consulting, IT outsourcing and IT services. They have made major intellectual contributions to the development of IT around the world. Nihilent’s operations span across North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.


In 2013, Nihilent evaluated hundreds of candidates manually during campus and lateral recruitment drives. The recruitment team traveled across locations and conducted 200-600 tests or interviews at each location. Human invigilation, checking papers, declaring results required a lot of efforts, hassles, and was extremely time-consuming. They felt an urgent and definite need for eliminating not so good candidates and also saving time and efforts in the first round of interview and screening.

“We love working with Interview Mocha. It helps us create any test using their test libraries and our questions. Moreover, we can even ask to create new skill tests. Whenever we reach out to them, they are helpful and professional; they listen to our feedback and make sure we are happy”


  • Interview Mocha’s skills assessment test has allowed Nihilent to filter the best talent based on their performance in the initial phase itself. Campus placements are now a breeze with only the relevant candidates making it to the further interviews.

  • The recruitment process is now better streamlined and quicker as compared to earlier. A seamless workflow has allowed the hiring ratio to increase significantly with the quality of hire being top notch.

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