How Nihilent has made assessments an integral part of Learning and Development program

How Nihilent has made assessments an integral part of Learning and Development program
  • Started using Interview Mocha

    Started using Interview Mocha

  • Unique Skill Assessments used

    Unique Skill Assessments used

  • Assessments taken in 10 months

    Assessments taken in 10 months


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About Nihilent 

Nihilent is a global consulting and solutions integration company using a holistic and systems approach to problem-solving.  Nihilent has extensive experience in international consulting, IT outsourcing and IT services operating from North America, UK & Ireland, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and Asia. They offer a range of consulting-led services in a cross-section of industry domains like BFSI, Supply Chain & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Mobile Computing and Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Government and State-run Enterprises, Technology & related services. In close to 18 years of its journey, the company has realized significant achievements to evolve as a creative consulting organization engaged in introducing change through information technology, people, and process interventions.

“We wanted to make the assessments a part of our training & onboarding processes. As we know, without assessment, the training & onboarding does not meet the end objective nor does it help to measure the skill gap or areas of need.”
Vikram Kulkarni,
Learning and Development Manager,
Vikram Kulkarni, Learning and Development Manager, Nihilent

The Challenge

Nihilent’s Learning and Development department created training programs for their employees. This was done to help the employees’ upskill themselves & sometimes to fill the requirements of our upcoming projects so that they could perform better. However, there was no data centered method to analyze whether the training program was actually serving its purpose. When they reviewed the entire training program, they identified the below challenges

  • Measuring the effectiveness of their training program:

    Nihilent focused a lot on employee training & onboarding which were conducted from time to time, usually 2 times in a year. However, there was no way to evaluate its effectiveness, or to be precise they did not have a data-centric approach to analyze.
    So at the end of the training program, Nihilent could not measure if the employees have gained from the training program, whether any further training is needed or if the training program itself needs to be redesigned. Nihilent only relied on the feedback of employees and did not have any data to go by.

  • Analyzing employee’s skill gap:

    Another challenge that Nihilent observed was that the training program did not provide a clear identification of the skill level of employees. Without a proper assessment program in place, it was difficult to gauge where each employee stood on the skill competency meter. For e.g. in a basic Java Spring training program, there are 10 employees, however, each one would differ in their skill level. Some might need advanced training program and as such might find the basic level disinteresting. What Nihilent needed was a pre-training assessment to assess skill levels, then a post-training assessment to complete the training loop.

The Solution

  • Implementation of pre & post training assessments:

    With Interview Mocha, Nihilent was able to add more value to their Learning and Onboarding process. Employees had to first undergo a pre-training assessment which determined their existing skill knowledge. Once this was done, the training program was designed to focus on the topics or skill sets that would benefit the employees. Similarly, post-training assessments helped them quantify the training program. An employee who already excelled in certain skill sets was imparted training on the next level of skills.

  • Creation of assessments with own questions:

    Nihilent already had their own questions which they wanted to use for employee assessments. Interview Mocha’s platform gave them the flexibility to create effective assessments by using a combination of their own questions and Interview Mocha skill library. This ensured unique tests used exclusively for their employees. Test creation did not take a lot of time and where needed Interview Mocha customer success team assisted them in creating assessments.

  • Insightful reports:

    The assessment reports were generated within no time which helped create a learning curve for each individual employee. Nihilent could assess employees for multiple skills in a single assessment. Skill wise reports provided an in-depth analysis of the strengths and weakness of each employee helping the Learning & Development Team to create further training plans based on it.

  • Reduction in administrative costs and effort:

    As this process was completely online, there was a vast reduction in administrative costs and efforts which were otherwise spent on coordinating with employees, preparing pen and paper tests, manual assessment, which also took up a share of the working hours of the employees.


  • Totally data-driven process:

    Pre & post-training assessments provided accurate data for the learning and development team. Each employee’s skill proficiency could be tracked, measured, and training implemented accordingly. Apart from the employee and reporting manager feedback, the assessment reports helped Nihilent in skill mapping of the employees. Any scope of biases was also eliminated as the reports provided a comprehensive picture of the employee’s learning. Nihilent assessed on more than 55 tests in last 10 months with the total test attempts amounting to approximately 5600.

  • Road Map for learning and development:

    Nihilent has evolved their Learning and Development program with the help of Interview Mocha. Their team now has more insights into the kind of assessments that are best suited for their employees.

Next Steps

Being a leading IT services company, Nihilent primarily used Interview Mocha to evaluate their employees on technical skills. Now Nihilent is planning to replicate the same success for other functional roles as well and use for Talent Acquisition too.