e-Zest hires 50+ developers through campus recruitment across 10 cities

Gartner hires 20 developers in 3 months with Interview Mocha


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The Company

e-Zest is a global IT services company specialized in digital commerce and digital transformation for enterprises and product development for ISVs. It has deep expertise and profound experience in modern technologies such as cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data, and enterprise collaboration

“This year we focused on campus recruitments across 10 cities. We were apprehensive about the logistics involved, but with Interview Mocha, our experience was seamless. We could complete the assessment process in 3-4 hours, interview the right candidates and extend offer letters in a single day! Through this process, we hired 50 plus quality developers ”
Apeksha Shetty, HR Executive & Campus Specialist
Pedro Furtado, Capacity Manager, Altran-Portugal

The Challenge

Campus Hiring is a popular way of recruiting freshers and get quality talent in the organization. The typical scenario for a campus hiring is that 2-3 developers along with the HR visit the campus and spend almost 1.5- 2 days for the entire process (written tests, interviews, etc) and hire the candidates they feel are the best.

Same was the process with e-Zest, however, they were planning a campus recruitment drive across 10 cities and looking to hire around 50 developers. A typical campus recruitment scenario at e-Zest was as below:

  • Average no. of students who attempt a test on campus: 130

  • Time to evaluate a single paper: 7 min (best case!)

  • Average no. of developers evaluating the paper: 3

  • Total time spent in manually evaluating papers (hrs.): ((130 * 7) / 3) /60 ~= 5 hrs

  • Total time spent for a single campus drive: 1.5- 2 days

Besides manual evaluation, there was also the problem of invigilation which required time and efforts.

After spending 5 hrs in manual evaluation, the process of interviews starts which might stretch the whole night and then the recruitment team takes a flight to the next destination, often exhausted and sleep deprived. With the absence of an automated recruitment process, e-Zest were looking at almost 20 days a month where their team would be needed to visit the various campuses and evaluate the candidates. This was a lot of efforts and time.

e-Zest needed an assessment tool that would help them remotely evaluate candidates, filter the irrelevant ones, and identify the best performers in the shortest possible time.

The Solution

e-Zest formulated a recruitment plan along with Interview Mocha. HR team along with Hiring Managers created the Aptitude and Java skills tests with the help of Mocha’s Customer Success Team. Candidates were invited to take the test.

With an automated process, the need for manual invigilation and evaluation was eliminated. Since the results were generated instantly, e-Zest team could focus on interviewing candidates and shortlisting them.

The Results

e-Zest could conduct campus drives remotely, completely eliminating the logistical hassles involved with it. The team simply focused on interviewing the best candidates and rolling out offer letters.

Before Interview Mocha: Total time spent on single campus recruitment – 1.5-2 days.

After Interview Mocha: Total time spent on single campus recruitment – 4-5 hrs.

Next Steps

e-Zest is looking to replicate the success for external hiring as well.