A prominent government organization shortlists the best Tech candidates with excellent English proficiency skills

Systemplus hires 25 quality candidates for developer & consultant roles


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The Company

This government organization works to build a stronger province through efficient governance, innovative benefit schemes, and creation of quality life for the citizens. They are one of the largest employers in Alberta with respect, integrity, accountability, and excellence being their core values

The Challenge

A leading government organization based in Canada is one of the most tech savvy organizations that provides comprehensive information to its citizens through it’s website and apps. All the services, jobs, healthcare, emergency services, schemes etc are all updated online. They wanted to hire candidates for technical roles (developers, engineers). The challenge they faced was that Technical talent was not proficient in English. It was a tedious ask to interview each candidate to check for English proficiency.

The Solution

The organization partnered with Interview Mocha to filter tech candidates based on their English proficiency. They used Mocha’s English Proficiency Assessments to assess the candidates on Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Grammar. This helped them shortlist the candidates faster based on their reports and weed out unqualified candidates.

The Result

The government organization shortlisted 50 candidates for various technical profiles.