Bentley Systems saved 90% of their Campus recruitment time by using automated assessments

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  • Time consuming Campus Recruitment process
  • Hiring managers spending more time on manual evaluation
  • Tedious campus drives due to logistical hassles
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  • Online Skill Assessment Auto- evaluation of coding assessments
  • Remote assessments with image proctoring
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Skill wise report generation

About Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is the leading global provider of software solutions to engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators for the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure. Bentley’s Micro Station-based engineering and BIM applications, and its digital twin cloud services, advance the project delivery (Project Wise) and the asset performance (Asset Wise) of transportation and other public works, utilities, industrial and resources plants, and commercial and institutional facilities.

“Campus drives used to drive us crazy. Apart from the logistical hassles, we were dependent on our managers for the evaluation, which used to make the process tedious and inefficient. We quickly realized the need of an automated assessment solution and finalized Mocha. Since using Mocha, campus drives are quick, data-oriented, and we shortlist candidates within the same day.”

Rahul Joglekar,
Talent Acquisition, India

The Challenge: Time consuming Campus Recruitment Process

Bentley Systems believes in identifying, hiring, and nurturing quality talent as they are the strategic building blocks of future. Bentley conducted regular campus drives to procure top talent. Their major challenge – they had an offline mode of recruitment. Their single assessment consisted of 18 pages which meant that if 200 students applied for the campus drive, they needed a printout of 18*200, a whopping 3600 pages – every time!

Apart from this once the candidate completed the assessment, their Hiring Managers had to manually evaluate, grade the assessments and the HR team has to return back to the campus to conduct the interview of the shortlisted candidates. Needless to say, this took an enormous amount of time along with operational hassles. In addition, there was a huge possibility of unqualified candidates getting shortlisted due to lack of an automated process.

The Solution: Reduced recruitment timeline

While Bentley Systems were clear about assessments being a part of their recruitment, they also realized that an online assessment partner will help them to identify the students with the right skill set, in a much lesser time. Bentley Systems started using Mocha for campus hiring. The very first effect was the elimination of the elaborate paperwork and endless printouts. Assessments were now – created by their technical team, conducted remotely, and top candidates were identified through prompt assessment reports.

Due to remote assessments their team no longer had to visit the campuses back and forth, no dependency on Hiring Managers for evaluation, and only qualified candidates were shortlisted for further interviews.

The Result: A complete automated campus assessment process

Bentley Systems saved 90% of their recruitment time due to an efficient automated hiring process. Campus drives are productive with quality candidates identified and shortlisted within a day. Since they have a centralized HR, earlier it was difficult for them to conduct campus recruitments pan India owing to the operational costs and hassles. With Mocha, they efficiently conduct remote assessments across campuses in India.

Next Steps: Campus Coding Challenges

Bentley will be using Mocha’s coding assessments for hiring tech talent in campus.

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