Avaya successfully conducted campus recruitment drive with Interview Mocha assessments

Avaya successfully conducted campus recruitment drive with Interview Mocha assessments
  • Assessment created

    Assessment created

  • Evaluated in campus recruitment

    Evaluated in campus recruitment

  • Passed the assessment

    Passed the assessment

  • Top-notch Candidates interviewed

    Top-notch Candidates interviewed

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    Offer letters extended


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Campus recruitments often allow companies to cherry pick candidates with high caliber. However, more often than not, campus recruitments require a humongous amount of planning, scheduling, and execution as well. Avaya India’s Pune office wanted to conduct campus recruitment drive at one of the leading technical colleges in Pune. Avaya’s recruitment team wanted to use an assessment platform that empowered them to procure job-fit candidates in the shortest possible time.

  • Lack of assessments on niche skills:

    Avaya was looking for candidates with niche and trending skills, hence they wanted to create assessments that would help them assess these candidates. Though Avaya has the internal resources to create topics for these assessments, the process is time-consuming and takes away a chunk of productive time from their primary jobs.

  • Managing campus recruitment logistics:

    Campus recruitments are not easy. Typically, it involves a lot of planning, coordination, and set-ups. Recruitment teams have to decide on the recruitment process, arrangements on invigilation etc. Another hassle faced for campus recruitment is hiring teams need to visit the campus 2 days prior to the drive and oversee all the arrangements like infrastructural facilities and logistical issues as well. Avaya was looking for a tool which could help them minimize these hassles.

  • Assessing skills and extending offers in a day:

    Campus recruitments work on a simple technique, companies visit, assess candidates, and roll out offer letters on the same day. Avaya used traditional recruitment methods which needed approximately 12 hours, out of which almost 5 hours are spent in manually shortlisting the candidates and the remaining 7 hours have to be utilized for personal interviews which in itself was a daunting task.


  • Tailored assessments:

    To make the tests more effective they wanted to include their own questions along with Interview Mocha’s questions and create a tailored assessment. With Interview Mocha, Avaya created an assessment of 60 questions which had a combination of 21 Interview Mocha questions and 39 of their own questions. This was effective to filter irrelevant candidates.

  • Optimized recruitment drives:

    Interview Mocha’s online recruitment platform provided the perfect impetus for campus drives. There was no need for elaborate setups, no downloads, no installation of any sort. The only infrastructure needed was computers and internet connection. So all the recruitment team has to do was create assessments, select the assessment time slot, and provide the assessment link to the students, all this was done in a few minutes. There was no need for the recruitment teams to visit the campus prior to the drive either. The recruitment team could interview relevant candidates based on analytical reports which were generated within 2 minutes of the assessment completion.

  • Reports with comparative analysis:

    Campus drives always attracted an enormous candidate response. Plenty of A-grade students is a good problem to have. Customized assessment reports provided a comparative analysis wherein the recruitment team could quantify the skills which helped to shortlist accurately.

Success with Interview Mocha

  • Seamless campus recruitment drive:

    Avaya had 123 candidates giving the online test simultaneously. Interview Mocha’s platform was able to efficiently handle the massive data and generated reports quickly. By using proctoring features the need for human monitoring was eliminated and it was a completely automated process.

  • Reduction in time to fill:

    After accurately filtering candidates, Avaya’s hiring managers had to spend time only on relevant candidates eliminating the need to interview each candidate individually. Interview to hire ratio improved, which saved the time of the hiring managers.

  • Flexible and customizable tool:

    Every student in an educational institution is recognized by a unique student number or enrollment number. When the report is generated, other assessment platforms provide the name and email address as identification of candidates. There might be instances, where two or more candidates share the same name. Interview Mocha allows the flexibility to capture this unique student number or enrollment number along with the name and email address which makes it easier to identify the students and make Interview Mocha the apt assessment platform for campus recruitment.