AIC reduced its turnaround time by 25%

AIC reduced its turnaround time by 25%


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The Company

Founded in 1966, AIC is the leading talent solutions firm that provides highly-skilled Information Technology, Engineering, and Finance professionals to clients worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation, AIC draws from 50 years of experience in the consulting services industry to provide unparalleled business and technical expertise to middle market and Fortune 1000 companies. AIC is the of the prestigious Inavero’s 2018 Best of Staffing Client Diamond Award Winner. Besides this, in 2017 SIA has ranked them the 23rd largest staffing and 8th largest IT staffing firm in the USA.

“We absolutely love this tool! We were (and currently still are when needed by the client) using HackerRank to screen our developers but had no fitting tool to screen our non-development candidates (QA, BA, PM, Infrastructure, DevOps, Financial Background Questions, etc.) and IM has fully met that need for us.”
Lindsay Learn, Recruitment Coordinator, AIC
Lindsay Learn, Recruitment Coordinator, AIC

The Challenge

AIC has been providing top-notch talent services to clients across the United States, Canada, and Asia. AIC has built its client base on the back of a continuous effort of providing innovative talent solution. While AIC has been using Hackerrank for assessing coding talent, a large number of their client requests were for job roles like Quality Analyst, Business Analyst, DevOps, and other IT skills. Hackerrank being a pure coding platform could not help them with the other job roles. Due to this, AIC were relying on traditional recruitment methods like phone interviews to assess talent. This contributed to higher turnaround time and lack of concrete data to recommend a candidate to the client.

The Solution

The company wanted a tool that could help them effectively assess candidates for non-coding roles along with providing data points to filter candidates on merit. The team stumbled upon Interview Mocha through their online research and booked a demo call with our sales team. There was no elaborate setup process; their entire team of 20 recruiters were seamlessly on-boarded and could start using Interview Mocha in a short span.

Interview Mocha’s easy to use and intuitive platform allowed AIC’s recruiters to submit top talents to their clients within a few hours along with performance reports. This made them switch over to Interview Mocha and use it for non-coding skill assessments.

The Result

Once they started using Interview Mocha, their recruitment team’s productivity increased by leaps and bounds. They now had a structured and streamlined process to assess for roles like QA, BA, DevOps, and other IT skills.

Assessing non-coding skills was no longer challenging as Mocha allowed flexibility to modify and create assessments. With the help of Mocha’s customer success team, AIC was able to get insights on each assessment created and fine tune them further.

The team could submit the best talents along with shareable PDF reports which in turn helped their clients make informed hiring decisions.

Earlier the team struggled with a higher turnaround time owing to a lack of the apt skill assessments. Now, for non-coding job roles, the team is able to revert in a matter of hours.