Why to work with a Generalist when you can have a Specialist?

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Interview Mocha vs Codility

If the captain of a college soccer team had to choose between John (moderately good at a few sports) and Frank (who is an expert in playing soccer), we all would agree that Frank would be selected in the team. Why should skill assessment be any different? Interview Mocha is a specialist skill assessment solution for IT services organizations, Technology companies, and Staffing companies.

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13 reasons why Interview Mocha
is the best Indeed Assessments alternative
  • Largest skill library in the world

    Meet the most comprehensive skill library in the world. Along with the Next-gen skills mentioned above, the library includes 500+ IT skills, 20+ Coding languages, 20+ Domain Skills and 20+ Cognitive tests.

  • Next-gen skills

    Changing times demand that the organizations stay updated with the latest skills. The Interview Mocha solution consists of 50+ Next-Gen skills which include Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cyber-security and so on.

  • 30+ coding languages

    Interview Mocha has 30+ coding language assessments like SQL simulator, Java, Python, Ruby, C#, C++; besides new and upcoming languages are regularly added to the skill library.

  • 500+ IT skills

    The IT skills span across coding languages, databases, ERP, front-end technologies, QA, Sysadmin and more.

  • 100+ latest technology skills

    The technology skills include DevOps, Kubernetes, AI, ML, ReactJS, Angular, EmberJS, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Big data amongst others.

  • 50+ aptitude skills

    The Interview Mocha solution enables multifaceted assessment of candidates viz: coding skills and cognitive ability in one test. The skill library consists of 50 aptitude skills which include Business skills, Cognitive ability, Customer excellence, English proficiency, Logical reasoning and so on.

  • 20+ domain skills

    Interview Mocha has 20+ domain skills like BFSI, Sales, Healthcare, Retail, e-Commerce and more.

  • Innovations

    Interview Mocha has innovations like coding simulators and artificial intelligence backed LogicBox, which outline programmer's logic and coding skills.

  • Dedicated Customer Success team

    Skill assessment is both science and art! The Interview Mocha success team works closely with you right from onboarding, and guides you till you reach success!

  • Custom test creation

    The success team works closely with the clients and delivers custom tests faster than Indeed Assessments. With a wide network of dedicated SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) any test is delivered in 3 days!

  • LogicBox

    Interview Mocha has innovations like coding simulators and artificial intelligence backed LogicBox, which outline programmer's logic and coding skills.

  • Advanced cheating prevention

    Ensure that the candidates don’t indulge in any malpractices by using advanced cheating prevention mechanisms. Features like Webcam proctoring, Window violation and Randomization help in effective cheating prevention.

  • Role-based access control

    Empower your team to make smart hiring decisions. Role-based access control helps you collaborate with your team, share tests, reports, and add new roles.

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“Interview Mocha has given us a complete online assessment solution. The best part is their 1-click integration with Greenhouse, our recruiters could complete the integration without any technical dependency. With the Aptitude test, we are able to evaluate analytical thinking, reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and sales fundamentals easily.”

M G Miranda, Talent Acquisition Team, Security Bank
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