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HireSelect by Criteria Corp Vs Interview Mocha


Pricing Plan Pay only for what you use Yearly subscription
Total skill assessments 1,000+ 17
Job role-based tests
No. of IT programming categories 30
No. of Non-IT categories 20
Aptitude Tests
Customised Tests
On demand custom-made tests
Looking for anything specific?
We will create within 3 days.
Integrations (ATS)
1-click ATS integration
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Coding simulator
Whiteboard simulator
Audio / Video questions
Case study questions
Subjective questions
200+ languages supported to add questions
Let our support team help you
Add own questions
Proctored tests
Advanced Proctored Tests
Multi-user account
Sophisticated user-based access control
Advanced Company branding
Single Sign-On Unknown
Intelligent analytics
Candidate ranking tools
Bulk candidates reports
Enterprise-ready platform
GDPR compliance
Capture candidate feedback

- Information provided is according to Criteria Corp’s website. If you're a Criteria Corp representative and you wish to provide information on this, reach out to us. Fair is fair!

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ATS Integration

We are first to introduce 1-Click ATS integration to help you integrate seamlessly in 5 mins. Assess candidates and view reports within your favorite ATS.

Custom Tests

Job descriptions are different and for this particular reason, we deliver fastest custom tests as per your hiring needs.

1,000+ Skill Tests

Interview Mocha’s job-based skill tests created by Subject Matter Experts can help you identify potential candidates according to the job profile.

Value for Price

The major factor when it comes to investing in software is the price. We understand and Interview Mocha’s pricing reflects this sentiment.

Onboarding / Support Team

We understand changing to another platform is tough that's why we provide training and help you upload your questions when you start.

No paying extra for essentials

With Interview Mocha, you pay for exactly what you see - no conditional clauses and no hidden charges.

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