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Interview Mocha vs Codility

When you are hiring for coders and other technical roles, it is very natural to follow the crowd and go for a solution like HackerRank. And moreover setting up HackerRank demands a significant investment of time and money.

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13 reasons why Interview Mocha
is the best Hackerrank alternative
  • Largest skill library in the world

    Meet the most comprehensive skill library in the world. Along with the Next-gen skills mentioned above, the library includes 500+ IT skills, 20+ Coding languages, 20+ Domain Skills and 20+ Cognitive tests.

  • 30+ coding languages

    Interview Mocha has 30+ coding language assessments like SQL simulator , Java, Python, Ruby, C#, C++; besides new and upcoming languages are regularly added to the skill library.

  • 500+ IT skills

    The IT skills span across coding languages, databases, ERP, front-end technologies, QA, Sysadmin and more.

  • 100+ latest technology skills

    The technology skills include DevOps, Kubernetes, AI, ML, ReactJS, Angular, EmberJS, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Big data amongst others.

  • 50+ aptitude skills

    The Interview Mocha solution enables multifaceted assessment of candidates viz: coding skills and cognitive ability in one test. The skill library consists of 50 aptitude skills which include Business skills, Cognitive ability, Customer excellence, English proficiency, Logical reasoning and so on.

  • 20+ domain skills

    Interview Mocha has 20+ domain skills like BFSI, Sales, Healthcare, Retail, e-Commerce and more.

  • Custom test creation

    The success team works closely with the clients and delivers custom tests faster than HackerRank. With a wide network of dedicated SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) any test is delivered in 3 days!

  • Affordable pricing

    We intend to provide an enterprise level feature rich tool that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Get more for less.
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  • Campus recruitment

    Indulge in a hassle-free campus recruitment with an automated assessment solution. Advanced remote proctoring and anti-cheating mechanisms help to organize recruitment drives without hurdles.

  • All IT job roles

    The Interview Mocha solution enables the recruitment of all the job-roles like Developer, Quality Analyst, System Administrator, ERP Specialist, Module Lead, Project Manager, Systems Architect, Business Analyst for various domains, Web Designer, Technical Writer, Tech Support, Cloud Manager and SDET.

  • Integrations

    Connect with your favorite ATS through our 1-Click integration. Interview Mocha provides integration with Application Tracking Systems like Greenhouse, Workable, iCIMS, SmartRecruiters and Bullhorn. Additionally, integrations can also be done with an ATS of your choice.

  • Advanced employer branding

    Reflect your brand with numerous white labeling options like company URL, logo, email templates for candidate communication, email domain, customized test and section instructions, landing page before and after test completion and more.

  • Advanced cheating prevention

    Ensure that the candidates don’t indulge in any malpractices by using advanced cheating prevention mechanisms. Features like Webcam proctoring, Window violation and Randomization help in effective cheating prevention.

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“We absolutely love this tool! We were (and currently still are when needed by the client) using HackerRank to screen our developers but had no fitting tool to screen our non-development candidates (QA, BA, PM, Infrastructure, DevOps, Financial Background Questions, etc.) and IM has fully met that need for us.”

Lindsay Learn, Recruitment Coordinator, AIC Talent Solutions


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