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Interview Mocha vs Codility

The skill assessment game has changed over the years. With the ever changing skill matrix, the game has got complex. In order to engage in a smooth recruitment process, organizations need a partner who eats, drinks and sleeps skill assessment.

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12 reasons why Interview Mocha
is the best DoSelect alternative
  • 360-degree assessment of coders

    While hiring coders, the assessments can’t be just around ‘coding skills’. Along with the coding skills, the coders need to have numerous IT skills, Aptitude skills, Language skills, and so on. Interview Mocha solution enables a 360-degree assessment of coders.

  • 30+ coding languages

    Interview Mocha has 30+ coding language assessments like SQL simulator, Java, Python, Ruby, C#, C++; besides new and upcoming languages are regularly added to the skill library.

  • 500+ IT skills

    The IT skills span across coding languages, databases, ERP, front-end technologies, QA, Sysadmin and more.

  • 100+ latest technology skills

    The technology skills include DevOps, Kubernetes, AI, ML, ReactJS, Angular, EmberJS, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Big data amongst others.

  • 50+ aptitude skills

    The Interview Mocha solution enables a multifaceted assessment of candidates viz: coding skills and cognitive ability in one test. The skill library consists of 50 aptitude skills which include Business skills, Cognitive ability, Customer excellence, English proficiency, Logical reasoning and so on.

  • 20+ domain skills

    Interview Mocha has 20+ domain skills like BFSI, Sales, Healthcare, Retail, e-Commerce and more.

  • Fastest custom test

    The success team works closely with the clients and delivers custom tests faster than DoSelect. With a wide network of dedicated SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) any test is delivered in 3 days!

  • Add your own questions

    The Interview Mocha solutions gives you the flexibility to add your own questions

  • LogicBox

    Interview Mocha has innovations like coding simulators and artificial intelligence backed LogicBox, which outline programmer's logic and coding skills.

  • ATS integration

    Connect with your favorite ATS through our 1-Click integration. Keep your recruiting processes streamlined, no matter what roles you are hiring for.

  • Types of questions

    Bring freshness to your assessments by using innovative question types like Coding Simulator, File Upload, and Audio/Video questions. Besides these, we have MCQs (Multiple choice questions), MAQs (Multiple answer questions), Fill in the blanks, True or false, Descriptive questions, etc.

  • Role-based access control

    Empower your team to make smart hiring decisions. Role-based access control helps you collaborate with your team, share tests, reports, and add new roles.

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Rehana Nisar, Global Product & Services Recruitment Head, Gartner.
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