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Candidate test section report

  • Description

    Get candidate section wise report of test.
  • URL structure{testInvitationId}/sections

  • Request Method


  • Request Data

    Parameter Description Default Data Type Is Mandatory
    testInvitationId testInvitationId associated with candidate giving particular test. None Int64 Yes
  • Response Data

    Argument Name Description Return Data Type
    statuscode Status code returned with every response. String
    description Status code message. String
    result Wrapper Object Object
    result.sections[N].sectionName Name of section String
    result.sections[N].sectionScore Total score of section String
    result.sections[N].candidateScore Candidate score of section String
  • Sample Code

    Example Curl request will look like this:

    curl -i -H "x-api-key:YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" -H "content-type:application/json;charset=utf-8" -X GET

    Response Body:
      "statuscode": "200.1",
      "description": "The request has succeeded.",
      "result": [
          "sectionName": "Programming C",
          "sectionScore": 5,
          "sectionName": "MS SQL Server",
          "sectionScore": 5,
          "candidateScore": 2
          "sectionName": "Azure",
          "sectionScore":5 ,
          "candidateScore": 1