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Candidate test report

  • Description

    Get candidate test report for a test given by candidate
  • URL structure{testInvitationId}

  • Request Method


  • Request Data

    Parameter Description Default Data Type Is Mandatory
    testInvitationId testInvitationId associated with candidate giving particular test None Int64 Yes
  • Response Data

    Argument Name Description Return Data Type
    statuscode Status code returned with every response String
    description Status code message String
    result Wrapper Object Object
    result.emailId Candidate email id String
    result.fullName Candidate Name String
    result.timeTaken Time taken to complete the test in minutes Integer
    result.testName Name of Test String
    result.duration Duration of Test in minutes Integer
    result.questions Number of question in test Integer
    result.attemptedOn Test attempted on UTC Date Time
    result.totalScore Total score of test String
    result.score Candidate score String
    result.wv Window violation. Number of time candidate has left the test window. Integer Time violation. Number of time in seconds candidate has left test window. Integer
    result.testStatus Current Status of Test String
    result.reportStatus Current Status of Report String
  • Status

    Test Status Description
    Status Description
    Pending Candidate did not started test yet
    In progress Candidate has started test
    Completed Test completed
    Reset Test had been Reset
    Report Status Description
    Status Description
    Pending Report is pending
    In progress Report generation in progress
    Generated Report generated
  • Sample Code

    Example Curl request will look like this:

    curl -i -H "x-api-key:YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" -H "content-type:application/json;charset=utf-8" -X GET

    Response Body:
      "statuscode": "200.1",
      "description": "The request has succeeded.",
      "result": {
        "emailId": "",
        "fullName": "John Doe",
        "timeTaken": 2,
        "testName": "API v2 Test",
        "duration": 20,
        "questions": 10,
        "attemptedOn": ""2016-09-19T12:27:21.2Z"",
        "totalScore": "10.00",
        "score": "-7.50",
        "wv": 0,
        "tv": 0,
        "testStatus": "Completed",
        "reportStatus": "Generated"