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Things every developer should know


  • TestId and testInvitationId are long or Int64
    While making call to API which requires testId or testInvitationId, make sure that passing values are of type long or Int64, otherwise you may encounter an unexpected error.
  • The API is entirely HTTP-based (over SSL)
    Methods to retrieve data from Interview Mocha API require a GET request. Methods that submit or change or destroy data require a POST request.
    HTTP Response Codes are meaningful. Check out section Error Codes for more details.
  • Parameters have certain expectations
    Some API methods take optional or requisite parameters. Keep in mind when making requests with parameters.
    • Parameter values should be converted to UTF-8.
    • The page_no parameter begins at 1, not 0. Also page_no passed as 0 will take default value.
    • The page_size parameter as 0 will take default value.
    Where noted, some API methods will return different results based on HTTP headers sent by client, depending on whether any parameters included in request or not.
  • Date Format
    All dates returned by API use UTC and are strings in ISO 8601.
  • Posting data more than once on "Register candidate for test" API
    Please note that if any request posted more than, it will update fullName, callbackUrl, redirectUrl parameters on existing record.