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Error codes

  • Error Code Description
    200.1 The request has succeeded.
    200.2 Successful, but default page per record limitation exceed.
    200.3 Successful, but no records found for mentioned resource.
    400.1 Request parameter values are of invalid type or incorrect.
    400.2 Request does not contain API key-value in HTTP header.
    400.3 Email address is not in valid format. Please check for typographical error.
    400.4 Request contains invalid parameter either in URL or HTTP message.
    400.5 Request does not contain required/mandatory parameters.
    400.6 JSON object received is not of valid syntax.
    401 Authentication failed. Access is denied due to invalid API key.
    403.1 Permission denied. Resource trying to access does not belong to user.
    403.2 Operation on resource cannot be performed as test status is inactive.
    404 No records found for mentioned resource.
    500 Internal Server Error. The server has encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request. Please contact for further information.