Extend your skill assessment capabilities with pre-defined ATS integrations & RESTful APIs

Now, you can get more value out of your investments, as Interview Mocha's partners & integrations allow you to easily connect your preferred recruitment technologies together. Enabling you to make better & informed hiring decisions, as you can easily conduct Interview Mocha skill assessments from your familiar ATS(Applicant Tracking System) User Interface (UI), or use our RESTful APIs to set up your own workflow.

To help you get a seamless recruiting workflow, Interview Mocha integrates with Greenhouse.io. As best-of-breed recruiting solutions, Interview Mocha & Greenhouse provide you the skill assessments within your familiar interface and help you find job-fit candidates, reduce churn and improve quality of hire.

Interview Mocha's 1-click integration with Greenhouse is 100% DIY, super quick and doesn't require even a single line of coding!

To strengthen your recruitment process, Interview Mocha integrates seamlessly with iCIMS. As your favourite recruitment solutions, Interview Mocha & iCIMS allow you to conduct pre-employment skill assessments easily within your favourite ATS (Applicant Tracking System) workflow.

Reduce churn & Improve your quality of hire by harnessing the power of simulation-based skill assessments, right within your ATS.

Interview Mocha integrates seamlessly with Smart recruiters to streamline your recruitment process. As best-of-breed recruiting solutions, Interview Mocha & Smart Recruiters allow you to conduct skill assessments within your familiar talent workflow to find the best job-fit candidates.

Interview Mocha integrates extremely well with your recruiting solutions, so you harness the power of skills assessment and thus make informed hiring decisions

In case you use any other tools for your recruitment, No worries, Interview Mocha is well integrated with Zapier too!

Interview Mocha’s easy integration with Zapier allows you to connect your app or tools with Interview Mocha easily and help you make informed hiring decisions.

If you need custom development on top of Interview Mocha, our RESTful API could be the perfect way for you to set up specific business workflows and extensive integrations. If you get stuck somewhere, all you have to do is shoot us an email. Our API developers will be more than happy to jump in and help you figure out a solution.

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